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Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity

Malik Champlain has an amazing gift and experience as a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Educational Consultant. His real life expertise and riveting presentation will help take your group, business, or personal life to the next level. Contact Malik today!

Educational Development

Malik has a commitment level to excellence. He helps students, parents, and educators raise the bar in the classroom and at home. Whether providing professional development for teachers on culture and climate in diverse classrooms or providing educational programs that will increase performance level of students such as “Young Men’s/ Women’s Empowerment Groups”. Malik has influenced educators and schools districts to adopt his message, that in order to be successful with at risk students you have to first “Empower, Educate, Elevate”.

Athlete Development

Malik’s years of experience as a collegiate student-athlete and College Men’s Basketball Coach helps him provide a remarkable presentation. Malik engages his audience by captivating their attention with his extensive knowledge about the academic, social, emotional struggles of a Student-Athlete. Malik touches on various key points such as the responsibility of maintaining a positive self-image on social networking and campus. Also, how athletes can optimize their competitive greatness, and the importance of personal management during the season and off season.

Business/ Leadership Development

Malik is devoted to improving the leadership skills for you and/or your group. Through trainings and coaching he shows your team the 21st Century skills of “Collaboration, Communication, and Creativity”. Malik helps groups advance their interpersonal skills, which is needed to distance you from the competition, and lead your team to exceed previous expectations.

Our Services